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Kenowit offers recorded on-line categories for PCMB Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology in step wi

What Will You Learn?

  • This course helps students to understand and correlate the concepts of Class 11th to target CBSE school exams and other entrance exams.
  • Here in this course we cover all units and chapters from subject Chemistry.
  • It’s a perfect syllabus for school exam and competitive exams.Our team of top most faculties are selected with good teaching skill, highly qualified and experienced faculty.
Lessons Of Course
Recommended Learning Preview
Some Basics Concepts of Chemistry Preview
Structure of Atoms Preview
Periodicity in Properties and classification of Elements Preview
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure Preview
States of Matter Liquid and Gas Preview
Chemical Thermodynamics Preview
Equilibrium Preview
Redox Reaction Preview
Hydrogen Preview
S-block Elements Preview
P-block Elements Preview
Organic Chemistry Some Basic Techniques and Principles Preview
Hydrocarbons Preview
Environmental Chemistry Preview
Hydrocarbon Preview

What is Chemistry?
Chemistry could be a subdiscipline of science that deals with the study of matter and also the substances that represent it.
Due to the vastness of the natural universe, science has been divided into many disciplines that wear down sure aspects of the universe.
The 3 primary subcategories of science below that these disciplines may be classified are: Formal,Natural,Social
The Formal Sciences: Involves the study of the language disciplines that concern formal systems.
Chemistry may be thought of because the language of science.€.

This course could be a comprehensive introduction to Chemistry, covering everything you'll got to grasp as you indurate potential future exams.
It does not matter what quantity, or however very little, previous data of Chemistry you've as this course can take you thru all the mandatory stages.

Course Features

Kenowit offers recorded on-line categories for PCMB Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology in step with CBSE category from class 4 to 12th for whole syllabus.
The recorded Content is extremely participating and engaging that helps students to find out all the ideas visually and simply.
We area unit providing video categories to grasp all ideas totally, although they're complicated.
we wil provide last years papers ,mock test and practice test to the students so they can do practice by their own to understands the topics/chapetrs whch are made by one of the best teachers in industry.

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