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Introduction to Python Programming

Importance of programming and basics concepts including functions, variables, and data types

What Will You Learn?

Introduction to Programming

Data and Functions – Part I

Data and Functions – Part II

Making Decisions etc....

Lessons Of Course

Intro to Python introduces foundational writing ideas like functions, variables, data types, and knowledge structures, like lists, tuples, and dictionaries. they'll learn the way to browse and write Python code and originated Python files whereas supported by our custom Python libraries and platform. Students can learn to suppose analytically by building fun and interesting applications

Course Features

When students complete Intro to Python, they'll be ready to:Understand the importance of programming and basics ideas as well as functions, variables, and knowledge varietiesLearn how to line up Python files victimization the scheme, mercantilism packages, and printing hypertext mark-up language contentManage knowledge with Python knowledge structures like lists, dictionaries, and tuples.

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