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Python to master AI and Machine learning

Take your programming to the next level with this class! learn python for AI and coding

What Will You Learn?

Lessons Of Course

This syllabus is intended with the aim of impartation elementary ideas of Python, up logic through varied algorithms, competitive writing and applications of this language of AI. As per multiple surveys, 80%of jobs can move to AI primarily based nature. Unlock the complete potential of programming with 100% practicality, library access and introduction of computer science and Machine Learning in a very child friendly and fun manner.

Course Features

What Python is and why Python and alternative computer programing languages area unit necessary skills to find out

Introduction to information and basic functions of Python

Students can learn Python vocabulary, and dive into the fundamentals of variables, and work on programs to explore variables, strings, integers, and floats.

Students will get associate introduction to Lists, Loops, and Conditional statements.

Introduction to Basic Python

Learn the conception of loops, commands, if statements, totally different information varieties, operations, functions and exception handling.


Make your HackerRank profile and learn competitive secret writing.

Graphical interface

Design a program to stay users engaged victimization Tkinter.

Advanced Python ideas

Get introduced to Object orienting Programming, Collections, and build your own wordbook.

Web Development

Make your own web site victimization HTML, find out about internet scraping and the way Flipkart and Amazon amendment their costs dynamically.

Competitive secret writing

Code competitively victimization the Advanced Python ideas.

Game Development

Make your own games victimization PyGame and user interface comes.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning comes

Use Numpy, Keras and TensorFlow to form AI/ML comes for handwriting recognition and a lot of.

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