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An optional with Scientific approach , concepts in Geography need more Understading rather than mugg

What Will You Learn?

Lessons Of Course

Geography ,being a scientific subject, is  preferred by many aspirants from science, medical and engineering backgrounds. The concepts in geography need to be understood rather than just mugging up.
 Geography has good degree of overlapping with General studies mains and prelims also.
Not only this , Geography has also overlapping with  Environment, Ecology , Agriculture and Conservation .
Geography, where answers should be scientifically written supported with flowchart and diagrams , is highly scoring as unlike many theoretical subjects it's answer can't be interpreted differently by different people.

Course Features

* Coverage of entire syllabus holistically
* Answer writing practice.
* Mentoring by civil servants
* Interview guidance

Rs. 15000
Teacher Of Course
Information Of Course
  • Category GEOGRAPHY
  • Duration Time 1 Year
  • Language Hindi and English
  • Price 15000

*Interactive Live class and quality recorded videos. 
* Mains answer writing practice
* Interview guidance

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