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Kenowit offers recorded on-line categories for PCMB Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology in step wi

What Will You Learn?

  • Class 10 physics are full of numerical formula and derivations of those formula.
  •  Physics combine the learning and analysing of matter energy , light, sound force etc. it also improves our quality of life by providing the basic understanding in way of living.
  • You will learn economical and effective problem-solving techniques and would be simply able to determine and improve your weak ideas. 
  • Have a good time learning physics all whereas turning into superior at solving physics issues in real world, and changing into additional analytical about the planet around you.


Lessons Of Course
Recommended Learning Preview
Light Reflection and Refraction Preview
The Human Eye and Colorful World Preview
Electricity Preview
Magnetic Effects of Electric Current Preview
Ray Optics Preview

Study physics to resolve planet issues.Understand however you move with physics everyday.Physics is at the centre of our universe.
Physics discoveries play a crucial role in technological advancements in tending, economics, engineering and a lot of.
how did the universe begin? area unit there different dimensions?
The subject deals with nature and its philosophies.
The physics curriculum is meant during an acceptable manner with all needed topics for various categories so students will learn in a step by step manner.


Course Features

Kenowit offers recorded on-line categories for PCMB Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology in step with CBSE category eleven and sophistication twelve syllabus.
The recorded Content is extremely participating and engaging that helps students to find out all the ideas visually and simply.
We area unit providing video categories to grasp all ideas totally, although they're complicated.

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  • Category Physics
  • Duration Time 1 year
  • Language English
  • Price 1180
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