Kenowit online learning programs for coding, space science, neet IIT, upsc

Our Mission
Democratising Online Education

Kenowit is an educational platform which is designed for learners having different skill set and educational background. We start catering the child from its root and foundation building so that he would be able to fight well into the real world.

We are having best in class teachers available who have made this online education easy and accessible to all.

Our Company

Online educational platform for learners at low cost which creates a path for easy online education adoption.

We are having both online & physical presence in PAN India

IT startup company been registered 4 years ago & recognized in Startup India.

Our Goal

Education online

Language recognition


Knowledge transfer

Educational congress

earn by learn



In summarizing I would like to conclude that Kenowit is building an experienced team who could easily help people to adopt this revolutionary pattern of teaching at grass root level.

We are focusing more on to the quality & pocket friendly education which covers mainly towards TIER 2,3 cities. Our strategical team is working day and night for the recognition of Sanskrit as a professional lingo so that it could be widely accepted /accredited in all types of government institutions.

Kenowit is committed to produce quality aspirants with its experienced and dedicated team.