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Kenowit offers recorded on-line categories for PCMB Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology in step wi

What Will You Learn?

  • This course helps students to grasp and correlate the ideas of class eleventh to focus on CBSE faculty exams and alternative entrance exams. Here during this course we have a tendency to cover all units and chapters from subject Chemistry.
  • It’s an ideal programme for school test and competitive exams.Our team of high most schools are elect with smart teaching talent, extremely qualified and experienced faculty.
  • his courses specialise in boosting confidence of student for facing National level exams, through these courses students will seem for numerous alternative exams conjointly.
  • We tend to additionally give free CBSE sample papers, previous papers and video solutions and doubt clearing that helps students to spice up their performance.
Lessons Of Course
Recommended Learning Preview
The Living World Preview
Biological Classification Preview
Plant Kingdom Preview
Animal Kingdom Preview
Morphology of Flowering Plants Preview
Anatomy of Flowering Plants Preview
Structural Organisation in Animals Preview
Cell The Unit of Life Preview
Biomolecules Preview
Cell Cycle and Cell Division Preview
Transport in Plants Preview
Mineral Nutrition Preview
Photosynthesis in Higher Plants Preview
Respiration in Plants Preview
Plant Growth and Development Preview
Digestion and Absorption Preview
Breathing and Exchange of Gases Preview
Body Fluids and Circulation Preview
Excretory Products and their Elimination Preview
Locomotion and Movement Preview
Neural Control and Coordination Preview
Chemical Coordination and integration Preview

If you're fascinated by turning into a doctor or biotech officer then you ought to pick the Biology subject at school eleven. the topic programme is targeted on providing an in depth composition of small to macro-organisms in the environment. Understanding the important anatomy of all the living organisms is fun with VSI.Biology is one among the required subjects of the Science stream.

Course Features

Kenowit offers recorded on-line categories for PCMB Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology in step with CBSE category from class 4 to 12th for whole syllabus.
The recorded Content is extremely participating and engaging that helps students to find out all the ideas visually and simply.
We area unit providing video categories to grasp all ideas totally, although they're complicated.
we wil provide last years papers ,mock test and practice test to the students so they can do practice by their own to understands the topics/chapetrs whch are made by one of the best teachers in industry.

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  • Category BIOLOGY
  • Duration Time 1 year
  • Language Hindi and English
  • Price 1180
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