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  • We provide students with the most effective study resources for CBSE class nine Chemistry that are ready by our tutorial specialists.
  • you'll be able to watch video lessons 24*7 at the convenience of home.
  • These video lessons additionally act as a fast revision tool for students before their examination.
  • Our subject resources for CBSE class nine Chemistry embrace Textbook Solutions, Video Lectures, Notes and tests.
  • NCERT Textbooks are an expensive stimulant for those students who need to get higher within the CBSE examinations.
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  • Chemistry is all around us.
  • Chemical reactions are seen in plants and animals which results in the formation of substances and it can be used to treat disease.
  • It is important to know the subject as it endow medicines which are very important in our day to day life. The course content in CBSE class 9 Chemistry.
  • CBSE helps us to understand the properties of different substances and how these substances change.
  • Let’s involve in the efforts and understand the significance to develop new, eco-friendly materials or modify old ones to meet the changing needs with changes in the lifestyle of people.

Course Features

Last years sample papers,study material ,recorded video for better learning and understanding of the course for students.practice question for more practice and to get expert in that relevant subject while getting good marks in examination .

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  • Category Chemistry
  • Duration Time 1 year
  • Language Hindi and English
  • Price 1180
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